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From speaking at industry meetings to hosting one-hour webinars, organizing two-day seminars held across the country and more, Pinnacle strives to share information and practical ideas in a timely manner to help make a difference for your business.

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June 17, 2021

June APEX Webinar - Medical Professional Liability: State of the Market in 2021

Join Pinnacle Principal and Consulting Actuary Tim Mosler and Consulting Actuary Nick Alicea as they examine medical professional liability (MPL) insurers’ recent financial results, the forces driving those results, and contemplate what may lie ahead for the MPL insurance industry.

July 13, 2021

July APEX Webinar - Causes of Recent Adverse Development

Join Consulting Actuaries Erich Brandt and Greg Fears as they analyze groups who have had adverse loss development, and discuss how the industry performed this past year compared to the last several years. To further enhance this study, Erich and Greg have teamed up with Professor Kevin Ahlgrim from Illinois State University to analyze risk of material adverse deviation and thresholds as observed in the past few years’ statements of actuarial opinion.

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