Commitment Beyond Numbers: What does it mean?

Our Pinnacle consultant has been very responsive, proactive and accessible. He has shared ideas and processes that will be useful to us in the future.

— Tracey Wagner
Armed Forces Insurance

Commitment Beyond Numbers: What does it mean?

Data. Information. Reports. As actuaries, it’s our job to provide you with the facts and figures you need to identify the financial consequences of risk to your business.

Yet, if we stopped there, we really wouldn't be doing our job at all. That’s because to truly understand what the information means, you need a partner who goes beyond the numbers to something much greater: A commitment to you, your business and to helping you make the best decisions for your success.

At Pinnacle, our service to you doesn't stop the moment we deliver a report or finding. In fact, delivering information is just one part of what we do. The rest is found in what we call Commitment Beyond Numbers: an investment in doing whatever it takes to help you address your risks, understand the challenges you face and find the best solutions to meeting your goals.

That means our commitment goes to the heart of who you are and what your business needs. From the very beginning, we take the time to listen to your story, understand your unique circumstances and find out where you want to go. In working with you, we cut through the complex jargon and share our analysis and insights in ways you can understand. We make sure our actuaries and consultants are up to the minute on what’s happening in the industries they cover, so we can recognize how a changing business and regulatory landscape affects your bottom line. We never stop adding to our strengths, pushing ourselves every day to higher standards of professionalism, greater responsiveness and more visible industry leadership.

Commitment Beyond Numbers is built on four unique pillars that inform everything we do:

  • Empathetic Customer Service. At Pinnacle, we believe in relationships, not just transactions. That means we judge ourselves on the quality of our services, responsiveness to your needs, consistent professionalism and ability to develop a deeper understanding of your business through collaboration.

  • Superior Communication. Professionals focused on complex mathematical analysis can often lose sight of the human beings on the other side of the equations. Not us. At Pinnacle, everything we do is geared to making sure we deliver information and insights that are accessible, understandable and transparent. 

  • Expertise. Identifying the right solution to your business challenges means leveraging more than one perspective to uncover new insights and deeper understanding. That’s why we take a multi-disciplinary approach to everything we do, drawing on our deep bench of focus area experts who combine industry and thought leadership with creativity and innovation to help develop unique solutions to your challenges.

  • Better Business Decisions. Identifying and managing risk rarely requires one single answer. Instead, driving better business decisions around risk and return requires the vision necessary to see problems before they arrive, and the ability to develop a solution that’s right for your business. At Pinnacle, we partner with you to explore whatever path it takes to find the answers you need.

Contact us to discover more about what we mean when we say Commitment Beyond Numbers and how we can demonstrate our commitment to meeting your business needs.

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At Pinnacle, we partner with you to explore whatever path it takes to find the answers you need.

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