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Roosevelt Mosley

Millennials to Baby Boomers

What Drives Differences in Consumer Perception of UBI?

Millennials to Baby Boomers
Are millennials more likely to give up their privacy for a little extra cash in their pockets? And, why is it that consumers in the U.K. are more inclined than their U.S. compatriots to place a higher value on customer service than privacy?
Tim Mosler

Dueling Actuaries

Employment of Physicians Impact on MPL Insurance

Dueling Actuaries
Tim Mosler October 03, 2014 Posted in: Blog Posts, Health Care / MPL, Insurance / Insurers

The second issue debated was the impact of increased employment of physicians by hospitals. Data was presented showing that while the number of doctors practicing has increased by roughly 10,000 per year since 2000, the number of solo practitioners has decreased by almost the same amount. Since 2009, this decrease has jumped to roughly 15,000 per year.

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Katey Walker

Telematics Insurance Solutions – What’s Your Strategy?

Recent survey sheds light on consumer acceptance

Telematics Insurance Solutions – What’s Your Strategy?
Usage Based Insurance (UBI) has become a fixed presence in the insurance landscape. The recent Telematics US conference showcased a lot of new technological solutions with both personal and commercial vehicle applications. With all of the available options, the challenge insurers will face is to select the right program that aligns with their business strategy.
Derek Freihaut


Meeting Highlights: Cyber Security Risks, Affordable Care Act, SB 909

The South Carolina Captive Insurance Association (SCCIA) held its 15th Annual Executive Education Conference this week at Isle of Palms in South Carolina. Constant rain throughout the event did not dampen the spirits of those at the meeting. Since passing the enabling legislation in 2000, South Carolina has seen their number of active captives climb to an estimated 160 by yearend 2014.
CLRS—Importance of Fundamental Issues
Rob Walling September 17, 2014 Posted in: Blog Posts, Insurance / Insurers, Loss Reserving
The 2014 Casualty Actuarial Society Loss Reserve Seminar (CLRS) was held this week in San Diego. I was impressed with the quality of the speakers and session content of the seminar in total.
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