I was looking for an actuary that was open minded with a broad depth of knowledge. My past actuaries were more concerned with their formulas than what I suggested. Pinnacle is the best!

— Peter Meyer
Inner Circle Insurance Company



As a contractor, you understand how insurance costs can make or break your future.

Construction is consistently one of the most dangerous industries with liability exposure at every turn. However, our extensive experience proves that your unique and challenging exposures, and how you finance them, are both manageable and considerably under your control.

At Pinnacle, we begin by examining the totality of your operation’s real world circumstances. We then look at your claims experience to quantify the expected ultimate costs of your claim liabilities. We may use a reserve analysis to estimate a proper accrual for prior years’ claims, or a funding study to estimate the expected costs for next year’s claims.

And because there are external influences for which you have little control, such as weather and traffic conditions, we identify the areas that you can control. Effective loss control, risk management, safety and return-to-work programs are just some of the essentials you control that keep claims costs in check and may even lower your premium. In fact, we can even determine how much money you can save if you improve your risk management practices.

Our focus is on finding the right solution to your specific business requirements. Whether your needs include developing rates for artisan contractors' insurance products, funding feasibility studies for single parent and homogeneous group captives, ongoing loss reserve analyses for contractors' insurance companies, captives and self-insurance programs, legislative costing of proposed changes to contractors liability laws or more, Pinnacle offers the empathetic customer service, superior communication and unmatched experience you need.

Our expertise in contractor's specialties includes:

  • Artisan Contractors
  • Carpenters
  • Concrete and Road Construction
  • Crop Dusters
  • Electricians
  • General Contractors
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Home Builders
  • Masonry Contractors
  • Roofers
  • Sheet Metal Workers

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Case Studies

Cayman Captive
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Cayman Captive

Pinnacle serves many of the largest group captives in the world, many of them domiciled in the Cayman Islands. These reserve analyses are typically produced twice a year and serve multiple purposes. First, they provide a range of reasonable estimates which management uses to determine their best estimate of ultimate losses and unpaid claims liabilities. Second, these reserve estimates can then be allocated to individual members to determine the outstanding liabilities and potential future assessments, if any. Finally, the allocated ultimate losses become the basis for renewal pricing estimates for each member. Pinnacle’s approach to estimating and allocating reserves in group captives is unique in the industry and sets our alternative practice apart with its efficiency and accuracy.

Contractor's Liability
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Contractor's Liability

Pinnacle was asked to provide a legislative costing analysis and expert testimony regarding proposed legislation that would substantially expand coverage for construction defects in Oregon. Pinnacle’s study and testimony focused not only on the current conditions of the contractors’ liability insurance market compared to other states, but also the historical changes seen when other states made similar changes. Our analysis also focused on the relationship between home warranties and commercial general liability insurance policies and how these risk mitigation techniques differ over time after a home is completed.

Self Insured Dividend / Assessment Analysis
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Self Insured Dividend / Assessment Analysis

A large group self insurance program was concerned with the amount of retained earnings and wanted to establish a policy for the minimum capital for the program to trigger dividend distributions. Pinnacle compared the program’s capitalization to a wide variety of industry standards for similar programs from rating agencies, regulators, and other sources. The results of this analysis lead to a recommended board policy regarding a minimum capital threshold for dividend distributions and ultimately to the development of an actuarially sound dividend distribution plan.

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