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Industry Benchmark Data

Finding quality publicly available industry benchmark data is one of the biggest challenges insurance professionals face. This data can be difficult and expensive to acquire and the analysis necessary to turn the data into meaningful benchmarks requires specific actuarial expertise.

Pinnacle’s client base, especially the scores of captives and thousands of self-insureds we serve, requires that we make a significant investment in all manners of industry benchmark data.

To better serve clients, we have created extensive benchmark datasets with user-friendly interfaces that make our expert data analysis–and flexible and customizable groupings–available at the click of a button.

These benchmarks are much more than just data. They include Pinnacle’s expert analysis of the data and user-friendly interfaces to access in flexible and customized groupings.

Our unique benchmarks include:

  • Loss development factors
  • Paid and incurred loss, closed and reported counts and held IBNR in many situations
  • Losses gross and net of reinsurance for insurance companies
  • Custom aggregations of unique industry segments (e.g. trucking companies, lawyers professional liability insurers, non-standard auto insurers)
  • Many custom aggregations with geographic details.
  • Expected and historical loss ratios, often with state and/or insurance company or group detail available
  • Loss distributions by limit for most commercial coverages
  • Benefits on-level factors for workers compensation
  • Loss cost trend analyses
  • Market share and market concentration analyses
  • Underwriting expense analyses, often with state, insurnce company or group and custom aggregation available
  • Leading insurer rate levels, class plans and aggregations for many lines and states


Our benchmarks are primarily created in Excel spreadsheets with user-friendly interfaces.

Example Output (click on image for full-sized PDF)

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