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Issues & Answers: Making Captives the Pinnacle of Success
Articles - Best's Review Issues & Answers - August 2015, Authored by Joseph A. Herbers. Topic(s): Captive Managers

Captive Domiciles and Services: Ask the Right Questions
Articles - Best's Review August 2011 - Issues and Answers, Authored by Joseph A. Herbers.

Actuaries Critical in Predicting Reserves 2010
Articles - Best's Review August 2010 - Issues and Answers Interview, Authored by Joseph A. Herbers. Topic(s): Alternative Markets, Captive Managers, Self Insureds

Getting the Most from Your Actuary
Articles - Captive Review Magazine - Cayman 2009, Authored by Joseph A. Herbers. Topic(s): Accountants/Auditors, Agent/Broker, Alternative Markets, Captive Managers, Government Insurers, Insurers, Law Firms, Public Entities, Self Insureds

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