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Predictive Analytics


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February 2017 APEX Discussion Series
Presentations - Using Predictive Analytics to Understand Your Claims Process, Authored by Linda K. Brobeck and Michael K. Chen and Roosevelt C. Mosley Jr.. Topic(s): Predictive Analytics

December 15, 2016 APEX Discussion Series
Presentations - Autonomous Vehicles and Their Impact on the Insurance Space, Authored by Gary C. Wang and Michael K. Chen. Topic(s): Commercial Lines, Personal Auto, Predictive Analytics

February 2016 Apex Discussion Series
Presentations - Auto Rating Plans for the New Year (and Beyond!), Authored by Gary C. Wang and Michael K. Chen and Kathryn A. Walker. Topic(s): Insurers, Personal Auto, Predictive Analytics

September 2015 Apex Discussion Series
Presentations - State of the UBI Market - Shifting UBI Strategies and Market Sentiment, Authored by Gary C. Wang and Michael K. Chen. Tag(s): APEX webinar, Personal Auto, UBI, Usage Based Insurance Topic(s): Personal Auto, Predictive Analytics

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