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The Many Ways COVID-19 Has Impacted the Auto Insurance Industry
Articles - R&I Insights Topic(s): Insurers, Personal Auto, Commercial Lines

May 1 2020 APEX
Presentations - COVID-19's Economic Impact on Driving Patterns and Automobile Insurance, Authored by Roosevelt C. Mosley Jr.. Topic(s): Insurers, Commercial Lines, Personal Auto

Devastating Wildfires: Insurers Must Invest in CAT Modeling to Mitigate Increasing Risk
Articles - R&I Insights, Authored by Linda K. Brobeck. Topic(s): Insurers, Commercial Lines

July 2019 APEX Webinar
Presentations - Causes of Recent Reserve Development, Authored by Erich A. Brandt and Gregory W. Fears, Jr.. Topic(s): Commercial Lines, Transportation, Loss Reserving, Industry Benchmark Data

Nov 27 2018 APEX Webinar
Presentations - Using Telematics Data Effectively, Authored by Roosevelt C. Mosley Jr.. Topic(s): Predictive Analytics, Insurers, Personal Auto, Commercial Lines

September 13 2018 APEX Webinar
Presentations - Technology’s Impact on Personal and Commercial Auto Insurance, Authored by Robert J. Walling III. Topic(s): Commercial Lines, Personal Auto, Transportation

Communication is Key to Successful Collateral Negotiations Monograph
Monographs - , Authored by Derek W. Freihaut. Topic(s): Accountants/Auditors, Agent/Broker, Captive Managers, Self Insureds, Commercial Lines, Alternative Markets, Loss Reserving

Pinnacle Commitment Beyond Numbers Brochure
Brochures - Empathetic Customer Service, Superior Communication, Expertise, Better Business Decisions Topic(s): Customers, Accountants/Auditors, Agent/Broker, Captive Managers, Government Insurers, Industry Associations, Insurers, Law Firms, Public Entities, Regulators, Self Insureds, Third Party Administrators, Industries, Agriculture, Commercial Lines, Contractors, Health Care/Medical Professional Liability, Homeowners, Manufacturing, Mine Subsidence, Personal Auto, Staffing, Transportation, Underground Storage Tanks, Warranty, Workers Compensation, Solutions, Alternative Markets, Data Services, Enterprise Risk Management, Legislative Costing, Liquidation & Rehabilitation, Litigation Support/Expert Witness, Loss Reserving, Predictive Analytics, Pricing/Product Management, Products, DynaMo, DynaMo Download, Fast Track Plus, Industry Benchmark Data, MSB PerilVision, Reinsurance

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