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Artificial Intelligence - Welcome Opportunity or Inescapable Challenge for Insurers?
Monographs - , Authored by Radost Roumenova Wenman. Topic(s): Predictive Analytics, Insurers

Focused on Insurtech: Don’t Miss the Bigger Picture
Monographs - , Authored by Robert J. Walling III. Topic(s): Insurers, Government Insurers, Industry Associations

Your Results May Vary
Monographs - An Updated Look at RRG Financial Exam Costs, Authored by Erich A. Brandt and Gregory W. Fears, Jr. and Robert J. Walling III.

The Benefits of Automated Underwriting
Monographs - , Authored by Robert J. Walling III.

Communication is Key to Successful Collateral Negotiations Monograph
Monographs - , Authored by Derek W. Freihaut. Topic(s): Accountants/Auditors, Agent/Broker, Captive Managers, Self Insureds, Commercial Lines, Alternative Markets, Loss Reserving

Beyond Price Optimization: Effectively Measuring Customer Value
Monographs - May 2012, Authored by Roosevelt C. Mosley Jr.. Topic(s): Data Services, Industry Associations, Insurers, Predictive Analytics, Pricing/Product Management, Regulators

Underwriting Power Tools for Small Business Insurance Small Business Insurance
Monographs - September 2008, Authored by Robert J. Walling III. Topic(s): Captive Managers, Insurers, Contractors, Predictive Analytics, Pricing/Product Management

Upgrading the Claims Process through Predictive Modeling
Monographs - , Authored by Roosevelt C. Mosley Jr.. Topic(s): Captive Managers, Alternative Markets, Insurers, Predictive Analytics, Public Entities, Self Insureds, Third Party Administrators

Effects of the Winter of 2001-02 on Pure Premiums
Monographs - November 2002 Topic(s): Insurers, Loss Reserving, Pricing/Product Management, Regulators

Symbols / Vehicle Rating Inconsistent Among Major Insurers
Monographs - July 2002 Topic(s): Insurers, Pricing/Product Management, Regulators

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