Our approach to evaluating the risk exposure of contractors may be based solely on actual claims experience, but also involve benchmarking against other sources of information. We understand there are external influences for which you have little control, such as weather, traffic conditions and the vagaries of the judicial system. Our approach is to help identify areas of risk you can control.

Effective loss control, risk management, safety and return-to-work programs are just some of the essentials you control can use to mitigate the occurrence of claims, and to keep the value of claims already reported in check.

Our focus is to work with you and your broker on finding the right solutions to your specific business requirements. Whether you seek to use a high deductible program, a risk sensitive type plan, join a captive or investigate the feasibility of forming your own captive, Pinnacle can assist in evaluating expected future claims costs under a variety of future scenarios.

Pinnacle offers the empathetic customer service, superior communication and unmatched expertise you need.


    Our expertise in contractor specialties includes:

    • Commercial/Residential construction

    • Oil/Gas/Pipeline/Drilling

    • Erection/Demolition

    • Individual trades (Carpentry, Plumbing, Sheet Metal, Electrical, Concrete, Roofing, Painting, Wallboard, Masonry and Finishing)

    Contracting Services

    • Alternative Risk Transfer Program Design
      Pinnacle helps alternative market risk owners, captive managers and service providers determine risk retentions that optimize the balance between the cost of risk transfer and loss volatility.
    • Benchmarking
      Pinnacle strives to construct benchmarks for any analysis — whether ratemaking, loss reserving or some other use — as closely as possible to replicating the nature of the underlying data being reviewed.
    • Collateral Negotiations
      Pinnacle provides loss reserve analyses and other diagnostics in support of collateral negotiations associated with deductible and/or self-insured retentions.
    • Cost Allocations
      Pinnacle is experienced in developing cost allocation mechanisms by member or department in the most equitable manner, using elements such as exposure, geographic cost differences and actual loss experience.
    • Damage Calculations
      We bring experience working with large datasets and creating models to assess damages and develop scenario outcomes.

    Contracting Industries

    Whether it's a captive insurance company, large deductible program, self-insured entity, public entity pool or syndicate, an alternative market entity is a risk retention program outside the traditional commercial property/casualty market. By virtue of the growth in the alternative markets for more than 30 years, the premium volume outside the mainstream markets is now greater than that written by the traditional markets.
    Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a critical component of increasing your organization’s value by assessing, controlling, exploiting, financing and monitoring risk. The importance of ERM is self-evident due to the demands for information by rating agencies, regulators and financing institutions. While economic capital modeling is an essential element of ERM, it is only part of the process and not sufficient in and of itself.
    Legislative costing can be challenging to navigate, as insurance laws and regulations are constantly evolving. Since even a small modification can have a material impact, you need actuarial experts who can detect a potential law’s implications on insurance markets quickly and accurately.
    From routine business support to complex litigation, Pinnacle brings a wealth of experience and insight. As property/casualty insurance and financial litigation continue to grow in complexity, it is essential to have independent, credible and expert actuaries who can explain actuarial matters clearly and effectively.
    Pinnacle is a leader in the evaluation of indicated accruals for unpaid claims liabilities and other reserves held by companies for financial reporting purposes. Our consultants take leadership positions in professional committees that promulgate standards for loss reserving and are active participants in discussions pertinent to such services. We rely both on both traditional methodologies and innovative techniques that may be warranted given circumstances of the particular assignment.

    Who We Serve in Contracting Services

    Our expertise in providing audit support includes traditional insurance companies, reinsurers, risk retention groups and a wide variety of captive insurance companies. We are regularly called on to provide audit support for insurance, alternative markets and self-insurance operations.
    Pinnacle has expertise in many lines of coverage, alternative risk transfer structures, regulatory jurisdictions and industry niches. Our team of experienced consultants understand the needs of captive managers, and bring local knowledge unique to individual market segments.
    Whether you need to develop an enterprise risk management program, identify best practices for your industry or procure expert insight and analysis for a broad range of projects, our team of experts is focused on doing whatever it takes to exceed your expectations, time and time again.
    Pinnacle provides a variety of services to insurance regulators. Services include financial exams including risk-focused examinations, rate filing reviews and model reviews. Pinnacle has also assisted regulators with captive applications reviews, training, and legislative costing.

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