Whether you need to determine how predictive analytics can help your organization, or you've been using predictive analytic techniques for years, we can develop specific predictive analytic applications or act as advisors to your predictive analytics practice. As recognized leaders in predictive analytics, pricing and underwriting, we have handled more than 100 projects during the past 10 years for insurers of all sizes, from four of the top 10 property/casualty insurance companies to small insurers. As a result, our nationally recognized predictive analytics experts can help address your most critical pricing, underwriting, claims and marketing needs.

As part of Pinnacle’s ongoing commitment to knowledge transfer, we offer training so your team can learn how to apply basic and state-of-the-art predictive analytic techniques and to develop basic and advanced applications. Our modeling tools are flexible and quick enough to perform applications in real time at your office, and our training walks you through the process to ensure your complete understanding.

Pinnacle provides you with substantial benefits from our predictive analytics solutions, which include:

  • Risk pricing and selection
  • Claims and underwriting process improvements
  • Profitable, long-term customer identification

Predictive Analytics Services

  • Claims
    Pinnacle uses predictive analytics to help you better understand how key factors, such as reporting delays, vendors, independent adjusters, attorney involvement, injury type and claimant characteristics, impact your claims process.
  • Class Factor Analysis
    Pinnacle helps insurers identify rating plan elements that can be more appropriately priced or added for additional risk segmentation.
  • Credit Scoring
    Pinnacle can optimize your use of credit-related characteristics to help you develop and maintain a competitive advantage.
  • Lifetime Customer Value
    Pinnacle uses lifetime customer value analysis to develop a long-term view of customer value and determine how you can best use this information to make more profitable long-term decisions.
  • Marketing
    Pinnacle’s predictive analytics team performs marketing analyses that help you more effectively target profitable new business.

Predictive Analytics Industries

Our expertise applies to a broad range of agricultural areas, supporting the ever-evolving agricultural economy.
Contractors understand how insurance costs can adversely affect their ability to remain in business. We serve the entire spectrum of risks from heavy civil exposure to general contractors to artisan contractors. The exposure to liability and workers compensation risk is challenging but the manner in which such costs can be measured and controlled is where Pinnacle adds considerable value.
Pinnacle’s experts understand the rapidly changing health care services environment. We have provided actuarial consulting services in every aspect of medical professional liability insurance at the local, state and national levels.
Pinnacle understands that manufacturers face numerous liability exposures, from workers' compensation to auto, and many more. We help manufacturers manage exposures in the highly variegated manufacturing industry.
Our clients are among the leaders of the staffing industry, and we’re experts in analyzing each program’s unique characteristics — from single parent captive liabilities to large self-insured retention liabilities.

Who We Serve in Predictive Analytics

Pinnacle has expertise in many lines of coverage, alternative risk transfer structures, regulatory jurisdictions and industry niches. Our team of experienced consultants understand the needs of captive managers, and bring local knowledge unique to individual market segments.
Whether you need to develop an enterprise risk management program, identify best practices for your industry or procure expert insight and analysis for a broad range of projects, our team of experts are focused on doing whatever it takes to exceed your expectations, time and time again.
Pinnacle provides a variety of services to insurance regulators. Services include financial exams including risk-focused examinations, rate filing reviews and model reviews. Pinnacle has also assisted regulators with captive applications reviews, training, and legislative costing.

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