What Are Pinnacle APEX Webinars?

Pinnacle's APEX Webinar is a free, monthly webinar series discussing some of the most timely, interesting and important issues facing the property and casualty industry. Our APEX Webinars are hosted by Pinnacle thought leaders and cover a variety of subjects, key sectors and lines of business. Topics in recent years have included inflation, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber security, medical professional liability, predictive analytics, Florida homeowners insurance updates and so much more. 

The dives are deep, and provide attendees with critical details from every corner of the property and casualty industry. Now in our second decade, Pinnacle APEX Webinars remain a go-to source of high-quality information and discussion. Generally held on the third Thursday of every month, APEX Webinars as so well regarded they often qualify for the actuarial profession's continuous education requirement. 

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Pinnacle’s Director and Consulting Actuary Greg Fears, Senior Consulting Actuary Erich Brandt and Associate Actuary Amanda Conklin will analyze groups that experienced adverse loss development this past year. The team will cover how the industry performed over the last several years relatively, as well as discuss risk of material adverse deviation items as observed in recent statements of actuarial opinion.

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Pinnacle Principal and Consulting Actuary Tim Mosler and Consulting Actuary Megan Baker will examine medical professional liability insurers’ recent financial results, what may be driving those results and provide a look ahead at the medical professional liability industry.

Governmental risk pools serve a critical role for the availability and affordability of insurance coverage for all kinds of public entities, including cities, counties, school districts, and a host of others. Risk pools not only provide insurance coverage to their members but also add value with additional benefits such as loss control initiatives, grant programs, and supplemental training. Just like the private sector, the public entity insurance market is continually evolving. For this APEX, Senior Consulting Actuary Daniel Linton and Consulting Actuary Nicole McArdle will provide an

Risk Distribution: Actuaries Leading the Way

For our April Pinnacle APEX Webinar, Principal and Consulting Actuary Derek Freihaut, Director and Consulting Actuary Greg Fears and Consulting Actuary Nick Gurgone will discuss the topic of risk distribution, quantifying a risk distribution metric, and the expected adverse deviation (EAD) method. Derek, Greg and Nick will discuss how risk distribution is needed for a transaction to qualify as insurance which remains an issue for the insurance industry. The team will also provide case study examples with lessons learned from applying EAD for hundreds of new captive insurance companies.

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