What Are Pinnacle APEX Webinars?

Pinnacle's APEX Webinar is a free, monthly webinar series discussing some of the most timely, interesting and important issues facing the property and casualty industry. Our APEX Webinars are hosted by Pinnacle thought leaders and cover a variety of subjects, key sectors and lines of business. Topics in recent years have included inflation, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber security, medical professional liability, predictive analytics, Florida homeowners insurance updates and so much more. 

The dives are deep, and provide attendees with critical details from every corner of the property and casualty industry. Now in our second decade, Pinnacle APEX Webinars remain a go-to source of high-quality information and discussion. Generally held on the third Thursday of every month, APEX Webinars as so well regarded they often qualify for the actuarial profession's continuous education requirement. 

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Upcoming Webinars

- (12 - 1pm)

As captive insurance continues to grow, how do new captive formations decide on a jurisdiction, or domicile, in which to form their captive? Pinnacle’s Senior Consulting Actuary Daniel Linton and Consulting Actuary Nicole McArdle will be joined by Adam Miholic, a Senior Captive Consultant at Hylant to discuss considerations when choosing a domicile and how different domiciles are adapting to stay competitive in today’s dynamic market.

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The title insurance market, a large component of the property and casualty market, grew at unprecedented levels in 2020 and 2021. Although homeowners are required to secure title insurance as a requisite to home purchase, few understand title insurance or its policy provisions. This session explores the historical financial results of the industry and investigate correlations between title underwriting experience and broad economic metrics. 

Introduction to Clustering for Territorial Ratemaking
- (12 - 1pm)

Territorial ratemaking is a tricky process. It doesn’t work well in traditional regression approaches, but is made easier and more transparent through clustering. In this APEX, Consulting Actuaries Kunshan Yin and Joey Sveda will introduce two common clustering methods – K-means clustering and hierarchical clustering – and discuss how these algorithms can be incorporated into regression-based pricing models for better results. They will also discuss territorial ratemaking in the context of the evolving conversation on disparate impact in insurance pricing.

The world changed dramatically over the past two and a half years, and the insurance industry was no different. Insurers raced to respond to the impact of COVID-19 by designing new business strategies, working to meet changing customer needs and leveraging digital and technological solutions. Pinnacle Consulting Actuary Kendra Letang and Associate Actuary Nicole McArdle will be joined by GuideOne’s Dalesa Bady to discuss what COVID-related insurance trends might be here to stay in a post-pandemic world.  

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