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We tailor our analysis of indicated reserves to your particular situation. Our loss reserve analyses are used to support statements of actuarial opinion (SAOs), audit opinions, financial examinations, insurance company liquidations and rehabilitations, and as expert opinions in lawsuits. We rely on a broad array of traditional actuarial methods to develop reasonable estimates of unpaid claims liabilities. The results of such a study can be stated as a point estimate, a reasonable range of outcomes or a statistical distribution of all possible outcomes. Many factors influence the analysis of indicated reserves, including internal components such as safety programs, loss control efforts or management changes.

There are external influences as well regulatory/judicial climate, the economy or weather patterns. Our consultants take considerable time and effort to understand the unique climate in which your company operates, before customizing our analysis to include the real world influences likely to influence the true accrual for unpaid claims liabilities. We also have significant expertise with insurer liquidators and rehabilitators.

Our experience with property/casualty insurance programs is both broad and deep, with no two programs alike. From financial analysis of companies and their management to expert witness testimony regarding our findings and recommendations, you can rely on our support.

Loss Reserving Services

  • Audit Support
    Pinnacle consultants deal with auditors daily, assisting them in serving their customers and evaluating the work products of other actuaries.
  • Collateral Negotiations
    Pinnacle provides loss reserve analyses and other diagnostics in support of collateral negotiations associated with deductible and/or self-insured retentions.
  • Benchmarking
    Pinnacle strives to construct benchmarks for any analysis, whether ratemaking, loss reserving or some other use, as close as possible to replicating the nature of the underlying data being reviewed.
  • Diagnostic Tests
    Assessing the reasonableness of indicated loss and loss adjustment expense reserves after the analysis is completed is an essential element of the loss reserve analysis. In particular, measures such as loss ratios, changes since the prior evaluation, implied claim frequencies and severities and costs per unit of exposure are a few of the diagnostic tests employed when considering the reasonableness of indicated reserves.
  • Discounting
    Management sometimes wishes to reflect the time value of money in funding projections, accruals for unpaid claims liabilities and other valuations. The two most important parameters for doing so are the assumed interest rate and the underlying claim payment pattern. Assessing reasonable values for these parameters is not trivial as the interest rate may need an adjustment for risk while the claim payment pattern may not be readily available.

Loss Reserving Industries

Our expertise applies to a wide variety of agricultural areas, supporting the ever evolving agricultural economy.
Pinnacle’s experts understand the rapidly changing health care services environment. We have provided actuarial consulting services in every aspect of medical professional liability insurance at the local, state and national levels.
Pinnacle has extensive experience helping contractors navigate their unique and challenging liability exposures.
Our clients are among the leaders of the staffing industry, and we’re experts in analyzing each program’s unique characteristics — from single parent captive liabilities to large self-insured retention liabilities.
Pinnacle understands that manufacturers face numerous liability exposures from workers' compensation to auto, and many more. We help manufacturers manage exposures in the highly variegated manufacturing industry.

Who We Serve in Loss Reserving

Our expertise in providing audit support includes traditional insurance companies, reinsurers, risk retention groups and a wide variety of captive insurance companies. We are regularly called on to provide audit support for insurance, alternative markets and self-insurance operations.
Pinnacle has expertise in many lines of coverage, alternative risk transfer structures, regulatory jurisdictions and industry niches. Our team of experienced consultants understand the needs of captive managers, and bring local knowledge unique to individual market segments.
We have specific expertise in programs that protect the public welfare, such as petroleum storage tank pollution coverage or programs for infants with birth-related injuries.
Whether you need to develop an enterprise risk management program, identify best practices for your industry or procure expert insight and analysis for a broad range of projects, our team of experts are focused on doing whatever it takes to exceed your expectations, time and time again.
Pinnacle provides a variety of services to insurance regulators. Services include financial exams including risk-focused examinations, rate filing reviews and model reviews. Pinnacle has also assisted regulators with captive applications reviews, training, and legislative costing.

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