Pinnacle U was a great experience that challenged me and helped me develop my presentation skills

A Unique Development Opportunity

Pinnacle University was created to give actuarial students at universities exposure to existing and emerging issues facing the insurance industry. The program provides real-world experience in managing projects, collaborating with a team and delivering a professional presentation. 

To prepare for Pinnacle University, actuarial students from various universities work with Pinnacle’s actuarial professionals to research topics of actuarial- and insurance-related significance and interest.

At the event, teams present their findings, and a panel of credentialed actuaries from Pinnacle, insurance companies, universities and other actuarial organizations critiques and discusses the conclusions, content and execution of the presentation. The event, will be virtual and in-person at Pinnacle’s home office in Bloomington, Illinois.

Blogs from previous Pinnacle University sessions can be found on our Beyond Numbers Blog. It's an amazing opportunity for faculty, students, universities and budding actuaries! Contact us or watch this space to find out more.

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Pinnacle University represents our fundamental and absolute commitment to the future of our great profession and to the next generation of actuaries. It exposes students to critical issues while allowing them to experience true professional collaboration and cooperation.

Joe Herbers

Pinnacle Managing Principal

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