Public Entities

The Tollway has used Pinnacle as its workers' compensation actuary for many years. We look forward to many more.

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Public Entities

No matter what their purpose, government entities each have their own distinct challenges and demands. Pinnacle understands the insurance challenges these entities face and are equipped to help meet them, regardless of insurance program and service provider involved.

We are nationally-respected actuarial experts who offer a full range of services customized to meet the unique needs of public entities, including traditional loss reserve analysis for exposure within deductibles or self-insured retentions, comparing alternate program structures; analyzing retention levels; and developing feasibility study documents.

Our team of experts has a wide range of experience with individual public entity types, including:

  • Workers compensation and unemployment coverage for cities and municipalities
  • Vehicular liability for transportation authorities
  • General liability coverage for counties
  • Professional liability for sheriffs, police and fire departments
  • Property coverage for school districts and public universities
  • Other entities including park districts, toll authorities, and libraries

As well, Pinnacle is well versed in the intricacies of mechanisms in alternative markets structures for public entities, including:

  • Large deductible policies 
  • Single parent captives 
  • Group captives 
  • Association captives

Publications and Media

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Statements of Actuarial Opinion at Year-End 2017
Authored by Joseph A. Herbers and Aaron N. Hillebrandt.

January 2017 APEX Discussion Series
Statements of Actuarial Opinion Year-End 2016
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Case Studies

Reinsurance Price Optimization
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Reinsurance Price Optimization

Pinnacle was approached by an insurance company to provide an independent review of their reinsurance program. The first step was to review historic ceded premiums and losses by treaty layer to determine the overall reinsurer profitability. Pinnacle then independently priced the existing reinsurance program to benchmark the current market pricing. Finally, Pinnacle provided a cost benefit analysis to help the client determine the optimal retention levels for its insurance program. With this information in hand and our support, our client was able to negotiate better terms for their reinsurance program.

Risk Management Assessment
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Risk Management Assessment

Pinnacle was asked by a state department of corrections to provide a comprehensive, independent review of the adequacy of their property and casualty insurance plan. The independent insurance plan review was necessary for compliance purposes with state insurance regulators. The facility had even stricter self-imposed standards for their insurance plan. It was Pinnacle’s job to review the guidelines for reasonableness and appropriateness as part of an overall risk management strategy. Pinnacle reviewed and adhered to the state code as well as the additional standards provided by the facility. Moving through each line of insurance coverage, Pinnacle offered recommendations and approval notations. The result was an increased level of risk control for the facility, and subsequently led to a follow up review by Pinnacle at the next required consultation.

Self Insured Dividend / Assessment Analysis
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Self Insured Dividend / Assessment Analysis

A large group self insurance program was concerned with the amount of retained earnings and wanted to establish a policy for the minimum capital for the program to trigger dividend distributions. Pinnacle compared the program’s capitalization to a wide variety of industry standards for similar programs from rating agencies, regulators, and other sources. The results of this analysis lead to a recommended board policy regarding a minimum capital threshold for dividend distributions and ultimately to the development of an actuarially sound dividend distribution plan.

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