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September 29 APEX Webinar
Presentations, Homeowners, Insurance / Insurers - Unpacking Title Insurance - Past, Present.... and What's Next, Authored by Arthur R. Randolph II and Christopher J. Schubert. Topic(s): Insurers, Homeowners

Historic Days for Title Insurance: The State of the Title Insurance Market in 2022
Blog Posts, Homeowners, Insurance / Insurers, News - A Short Primer on Title Insurance (and its historic years of 2020-2021)

Historic Times for the Title Insurance Market
Articles - R&I Insights, Authored by Arthur R. Randolph II. Topic(s): Insurers, Public Entities, Homeowners

How to Communicate the Benefits of Non-Traditional Modeling Techniques for Insurance Pricing
Blog Posts, Predictive Analytics, Pricing & Product Management - A look at new explanatory tools that better communicate the predictive and interpretative power of new analytics models. Topic(s): Predictive Analytics, Pricing/Product Management

September 15 APEX Webinar
Presentations - Introduction to Clustering for Territorial Ratemaking, Authored by Joseph A. Sveda and Kunshan Yin. Topic(s): Predictive Analytics, Pricing/Product Management

The Power and Potential of Pools
Blog Posts, Insurance / Insurers - Economic, industry and other social conditions have made it the perfect time for risk pools., Authored by Daniel Linton. Tag(s): public entity, risk pool, inflation Topic(s): Public Entities

California Public Entities
Brochures - Topic(s): Public Entities

August 30 APEX Webinar
Presentations - This Just In: Exploring an Evolving Insurance Landscape in the Post-Pandemic World, Authored by Kendra Letang.

August 18 APEX Webinar
Presentations - Perspectives on Peer Review, Authored by Ken J. Hawkins and Trenton J. Lipka. Topic(s): Accountants/Auditors, Agent/Broker, Insurers, Law Firms

Actuarially Sound
Articles - Best's Review Issues & Answers, Authored by Daniel Linton. Topic(s): Captive Managers, Alternative Markets

Predicting Insurance Demand with Cultural Variables
Blog, General, Pricing & Product Management - Tag(s): Actuarial Science, Actuaries, Pinnacle University, Rating Variables, Pricing, Product Management, Insurance Demand, Cultural Variables, Risk Perception

You Have Such a February Face . . .
Blog Posts, News - , Authored by Erich A. Brandt.

July APEX Webinar
Presentations - Causes of Recent Adverse Development, Authored by Erich A. Brandt and Gregory W. Fears, Jr..

What Can a Rope Bridge Teach Us About Kindness and Hidden Struggles?
Blog Posts, News - , Authored by Robert J. Walling III. Tag(s): Disabilities

Unavoidable Catastrophe
Blog Posts, Insurance / Insurers, Reinsurance - Tag(s): ACI, Climate Change, CAT modeling, catastrophe

Cyber Insurance or Cyber Captive?
Articles - Risk & Insurance Insights, Authored by Aaron N. Hillebrandt. Topic(s): Captive Managers, Alternative Markets

June APEX Webinar
Presentations - Medical Professional Liability: State of the Market in 2022, Authored by Timothy C. Mosler. Topic(s): Health Care/Medical Professional Liability

Scott Whitson Joins Pinnacle
News Releases - , Authored by Scott Whitson.

Show Me the Money
Blog, General - Tag(s): Pinnacle U, Actuaries, Pinnacle University, Education

May APEX Webinar
Presentations - Inflation: Are Insurers Really Equipped to Handle It?, Authored by Jordan R. Paszek and James B. Wencil.

Autonomous Vehicles – A Revolutionary Look at Insurance
Blog, General - Tag(s): Pinnacle U, Actuarial Science, Autonomous Vehicles, autonomous vehicle insurance, Actuaries, Pinnacle University

May APEX Webinar
Presentations - Hybrid Captives: Opportunities and Challenges, Authored by Robert J. Walling III. Topic(s): Captive Managers, Alternative Markets

Introducing! The Versatility of Hybrid Captives!
Blog Posts, Alternative Markets - , Authored by Robert J. Walling III. Tag(s): Reputational Risk, risk distribution, capital, hybrid captives

April APEX Webinar
Presentations - When Enough Is Enough - Captive Capital, Authored by Nicholas Gurgone and Daniel Linton. Topic(s): Captive Managers, Alternative Markets

Saving Scott's Ridge
Blog Posts, General, Community Involvement - , Authored by Robert J. Walling III. Tag(s): environmentally conscious initiatives, land trust, environmental

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