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The Use of Predictive Modeling in the Insurance Industry
Monographs - January 2005, Authored by Roosevelt C. Mosley Jr.. Topic(s): Captive Managers, Insurers, Predictive Analytics, Public Entities, Self Insureds

Pinnacle News
Newsletters - December 2004

Factors Impacting Medical Malpractice Insurance Availability and Affordability
Reports - November 2004

Lehmann Speaks at Congressional Briefing Session
News Releases - October 15, 2004

Pinnacle News
Newsletters - June 2004

New Jersey Automobile No-Fault Study: Analysis of the Cost Effects of AB 3531 and SB 2533
Articles - NAIC 2004 Topic(s): Industry Associations, Insurers, Predictive Analytics, Pricing/Product Management

Effects of Winter Weather on Personal Automobile Insurance - A Regional Perspective
Monographs - January 2004 Topic(s): Insurers, Pricing/Product Management

Are You Ready to Unlock the Power Hidden in Your BOP Application?
Monographs - July 2003, Authored by Robert J. Walling III. Topic(s): Contractors, Insurers, Predictive Analytics, Pricing/Product Management

Cost Allocation Mechanisms - Who Should Pay How Much?
Monographs - May 2003, Authored by Joseph A. Herbers. Topic(s): Alternative Markets, Insurers, Loss Reserving, Pricing/Product Management, Reinsurance, Self Insureds

Effects of the Winter of 2001-02 on Pure Premiums
Monographs - November 2002 Topic(s): Insurers, Loss Reserving, Pricing/Product Management, Regulators

Symbols / Vehicle Rating Inconsistent Among Major Insurers
Monographs - July 2002 Topic(s): Insurers, Pricing/Product Management, Regulators

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