Pinnacle has a professional obligation under Precept 9 of the Casualty Actuarial Society’s (CAS) Code of Professional Conduct and contractual obligations under every client engagement to protect the confidentiality of client information.

In response to any request from any third party for confidential client data, Pinnacle will take all reasonably necessary steps to protect and defend that data. In addition, Pinnacle promptly notifies clients of any such request and will consult with the client regarding any appropriate responses to such requests.

Notwithstanding any action taken by Pinnacle to protect client data, Pinnacle has complied and will continue to comply with any enforceable, legally sufficient action of a Court of competent jurisdiction regarding a third-party request for documents. Pinnacle also reserves the right to consider the unique facts and circumstances of each situation and respond in a manner it determines is in accordance with its professional and contractual obligations.

Pinnacle is proud of and confident in the quality and professionalism of the actuarial consulting services we provide for our clients.

Questions regarding Pinnacle’s confidentiality policies can be directed to:

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