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Beyond Our Borders
Brittany Brinkman December 05, 2017 Posted in: General
I recently had the exciting opportunity to travel to Europe for two weeks with some family and friends. It was breathtaking, eye-opening and sometimes exhausting. Spanning eight countries, the journey left us with many fantastic and unforgettable memories. It also helped me realize how many of our experiences are connected with my daily work as an Actuarial Analyst. 
Pinnacle’s Commitment to Developing the Next Generation of Actuaries
Nicole McArdle May 05, 2016 Posted in: Blog Posts, General, Community Involvement
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently less than 27,000 accredited actuaries in the United States. But that number is expected to grow substantially over the next ten years. At Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc. we’re committed to ensuring that actuarial students are fully engaged in the roles and responsibilities of accredited actuaries well before graduation. When I was an actuarial student at Illinois State University (ISU), I had the opportunity to benefit from the unique partnership between Pinnacle and ISU that provides students the chance to meet and work with professional actuaries throughout their college years.
The Adventures of an Actuarial Intern
Rachel Howell April 29, 2016 Posted in: Blog Posts, General, Community Involvement
I walked into Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc.’s Atlanta office four months ago to begin the first day of my actuarial internship. After moving seven hours from home, this would be my first professional experience in a purely actuarial role. I was also starting with Pinnacle right in the midst of opinion season, the busiest time of the year for consulting actuaries. To say I was intimidated was an understatement, but on that first day I was greeted with nothing but kindness and immediately put to work.
Greg Fears

Commitment to the Actuarial Profession

Pinnacle Supports ISU Minority High School Scholars

Commitment to the Actuarial Profession
Greg Fears August 20, 2015 Posted in: Blog Posts, General, Community Involvement
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Minority High School Scholars Actuarial Academy (MHSSAA) at Illinois State University (ISU). This program provides minority students from around the country with information and insight into the actuarial profession. Each year only 20 of the estimated 70 applications submitted are selected for the week-long program which includes presentations from actuaries and professors, lab exercises and visits to local insurance companies. This valuable program allows the students to gain perspective of the actuarial profession.
Zach Brogadir

Score! How a Basketball Fan Uses Actuarial Skills to Predict Ultimate Points

Which Method is Most Accurate - Jimmy “Buckets” Butler Example

Score! How a Basketball Fan Uses Actuarial Skills to Predict Ultimate Points
Zach Brogadir May 26, 2015 Posted in: Blog Posts, General
Growing up I always dreamed of becoming an NBA player. When it became clear that I lacked height, athleticism and an ability to shoot a basketball, I decided to follow a new dream – to become an actuary, of course! While I haven’t been able to earn a living shooting hoops, I do find that the game of basketball can be a great analogy when explaining what are otherwise arcane actuarial concepts. For example, we can use basketball to illustrate some of the most common actuarial reserving methodologies.
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