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Introducing! The Versatility of Hybrid Captives!
Rob Walling May 04, 2022 Posted in: Blog Posts, Alternative Markets

Are captives the Swiss Army Knives of insurance? 

Rob Walling discusses what makes hybrid captives such a versatile tool to manage risk.

Insuring Reputational Risk
Joe Herbers June 20, 2017 Posted in: Blog Posts, Cyber, ERM, Insurance / Insurers
How does an organization protect itself from reputational risk? Purchasing cyber liability coverage, adding safeguards to its IT systems, ensuring its employees behave in a professional manner both inside and outside the company walls and paying close attention to social media platforms come to mind. But are all of these even enough? Most organizations understand they must plan ahead and be prepared to get out in front of an adverse event to reassure their audiences that business will go on as usual.
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